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  • Merritt Burrus on 2011-Apr-02 21:01:16 Merritt Burrus said

    another "ronnie katz" drawing.. junction box B at gratigny distribution... artist unknown, modified over the years...
  • Buckie on 2016-Jul-12 12:09:00 Buckie said

    Somebody Mentioned the Holocaust -- seemed ta think I'd give 'em crap for mentioning it in regards to gay folks.They died there too. Gay folks, Catholics, Dissenters of all sorts.It's "Never Again" -- that's Elie Wiesel on a hunger strike over Rwanda. Not just for Jews, but for anyone.Now, folks, y'all are totally misreading that Leviticus. As a Jew, I understand that was about idolatry first and foremost (hxlsoeouamity was one of those idolatrous traditions back in the day). So if you worship God righteously, you can still be gay. It's okay. Not A Sin.