MS-150 radio information

please go to

for day one repeater usage for the MS150 and,-80.337524&spn=0.882942,1.234589&z=10

for day two repeater usage.  these are suggested repeaters to use given your rest stop. if you find that any one of the linked repeaters works better for where you are, feel free to use it. note, that you will likely need UHF capability for the bike tour, depending on where you are. NO VHF REPEATERS will work south of florida rock and sand!!

we will have the 147.000, HUB, 146.835, 444.200 (sunday only), 444.875, and possibly the 442.350 (the 350 will not be ready for the ms150) linked together for the duration of the bike tour. PLEASE, IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE MS150 NET, DO NOT USE THESE REPEATERS ON MAY 14 AND 15TH!!!! you may use any of the other dade area repeaters, such as the .760, .150, .925, .180, 444.600, etc.

the repeaters will retuen to regular amateur abuse on monday the 16th.

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