Current repeater update

as of 9/13/14…

147.000 is back on the air on a temporary basis, co-located with the 444.200. its range isnt that great, we are thinking there are some antenna issues, but there isnt much we can do about it at this time, so it will have to work as it is. there are also some audio quality issues, but jason swift and i will address them as time allows.

the hub is back on the air, and has been relocated. the link radio for the 442.350/146.835 to the hub has a bad power amplifier, and that will be worked on as time allows.

the 444.875 in key largo is working just fine, still as a temporary machine. i have a mastr2 built up for it, i just need to finish working on it and install it.

146.925 is still down, and it is up to john to get it back on the air.

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