Current repeater update

as of 9/13/14…

147.000 is back on the air on a temporary basis, co-located with the 444.200. its range isnt that great, we are thinking there are some antenna issues, but there isnt much we can do about it at this time, so it will have to work as it is. there are also some audio quality issues, but jason swift and i will address them as time allows.

the hub is back on the air, and has been relocated. the link radio for the 442.350/146.835 to the hub has a bad power amplifier, and that will be worked on as time allows.

the 444.875 in key largo is working just fine, still as a temporary machine. i have a mastr2 built up for it, i just need to finish working on it and install it.

146.925 is still down, and it is up to john to get it back on the air.

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Current system status…

the HUB repeater is down, for unknown reasons. I will be looking in to this as soon as time allows.

audio levels on 442.350 and 146.835 were adjusted to sound better on the link system.

444.200 is running, the controller needs replacement, and the freed up scom 7k will be given to ray vaughan for installation on the .76.

444.875 is still on the air in key largo… working great for a temporary/portable machine. permission was given to install a permanent machine, and one will be built and installed once i get time (again, time is always the problem!)

the trusteeship of 147.000 has been returned to the club… it is currently being worked on be persons other than my self, and thats just fine with me.

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repeater update

All, thank you for volunteering for the MS-150. Since it was such a push for us to complete all the necessary repeater infrastructure for the event, we are a bit burned out, and taking a break from repeater work. The 444.875 is still in position, unknown when it will be coming out to be replaced with a perminant machine.

We are working with the DRC on the purchase of an S-COM 7330 for the 444.200 repeater, so that we may have a link to the hub and a simplex remote base. Right now the 444.200 has a link to the hub, but it is turned off.

The 442.350 is still not on the air, pending a move of the antenna feedline and some creative RF filter work to accomodate some commitments made to keep it in its desired location.

The normal hub system status will be the following: 442.350, 146.835, 444.875, and the HUB normally linked together. this is preliminary, and subject to change.

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MS-150 radio information

please go to

for day one repeater usage for the MS150 and,-80.337524&spn=0.882942,1.234589&z=10

for day two repeater usage.  these are suggested repeaters to use given your rest stop. if you find that any one of the linked repeaters works better for where you are, feel free to use it. note, that you will likely need UHF capability for the bike tour, depending on where you are. NO VHF REPEATERS will work south of florida rock and sand!!

we will have the 147.000, HUB, 146.835, 444.200 (sunday only), 444.875, and possibly the 442.350 (the 350 will not be ready for the ms150) linked together for the duration of the bike tour. PLEASE, IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE MS150 NET, DO NOT USE THESE REPEATERS ON MAY 14 AND 15TH!!!! you may use any of the other dade area repeaters, such as the .760, .150, .925, .180, 444.600, etc.

the repeaters will retuen to regular amateur abuse on monday the 16th.

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444.200 linked to hub system

the 444.200 is now linked to the HUB repeater. the simplex remote base has been temporarily removed. this was done so that the 444.200 can be used to cover the deering estate rest stop and black point marina for the ms-150 on sunday. afterwords the original simplex remote base should be resonnected.

at mondays DRC meeting, i will be proposing that the club purchase an SCOM 7330 repeater controller for the 444.200 so that the simplex remote base may be connected as well as the link to the HUB system.

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444.875 on the air from key largo

thanks to the generosity of the monroe county sheriffs office radio department, the 444.875 has been temporarily (though we would love to make it permanent) placed at the dump site tower on SR905. the temporary repeater is linked to the HUB system. this is my portable linking repeater for now, it has excellent handheld coverage all the way up in to florida city. it is composed of 3 UHF KMC300 mobiles, made by ericsson (or GE or m/a-com, or whoever they are today), 2 of them make up the repeater, one of them makes up the link. expect around 20 watts out of the duplexer. the antenna is at the top of the tower, it is a DB420 at around 410 ft. it requires a tone of 94.8, and encodes 94.8 on transmit.


any updates will be posted here in the future.

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146.835 replacement complete/442.350 replacement staretd

the 146.835 has been replaced with a mastr 2 repeater. it is now off the “princeton combiner” and on its own antenna and duplexer. unfortunately, the antenna is bad. it is awaiting replacement, so until then, coverage will be lame. the 835 now requires tone 94.8 to get in, and it encodes 94.8 on transmit. the 442.350 was also replaced, and it is now co located with the 835. the details of the 350’s antenna have yet to be worked out, though a plan is in place. so for now the 350 is off the air, hopefully we will have a temporary antenna set up for the MS150. both repeaters share one of the new SCOM 7330 controllers. both repeaters are able to be linked to each other and to the HUB system. both repeaters will announce link status hourly and during the initial ID. pending changes will be posted here…

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Repeater system update

As of now…

The “hub” is on the air. It is a closed repeater, used for linking ONLY. It is linked to the 147.000, but there is an audio issue from the 147.000 to the hub, this should be corrected today.

Prior to the MS150, the following will occur:

442.350 will go on the air along with a new version of 146.835. These will link to the HUB as well. 444.875 will be on the air from the dump site tower on 905 to provide southern end coverage for the MS150. the PL tones for all these machines will be 94.8

Please see for more information.

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Hello world!

OK, so I just set up hosting, and installed gallery and word press. i used to love gallery 1, lots of features, customizable… but gallery 3 seems to suck already.

im in love with word press. easy to use, easy to change, easy to configure.

so hopefully this blog will be used to update users on the latest in regards to our projects, developments, and system statuses. stay tuned!

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