146.835 replacement complete/442.350 replacement staretd

the 146.835 has been replaced with a mastr 2 repeater. it is now off the “princeton combiner” and on its own antenna and duplexer. unfortunately, the antenna is bad. it is awaiting replacement, so until then, coverage will be lame. the 835 now requires tone 94.8 to get in, and it encodes 94.8 on transmit. the 442.350 was also replaced, and it is now co located with the 835. the details of the 350’s antenna have yet to be worked out, though a plan is in place. so for now the 350 is off the air, hopefully we will have a temporary antenna set up for the MS150. both repeaters share one of the new SCOM 7330 controllers. both repeaters are able to be linked to each other and to the HUB system. both repeaters will announce link status hourly and during the initial ID. pending changes will be posted here…

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