repeater update

All, thank you for volunteering for the MS-150. Since it was such a push for us to complete all the necessary repeater infrastructure for the event, we are a bit burned out, and taking a break from repeater work. The 444.875 is still in position, unknown when it will be coming out to be replaced with a perminant machine.

We are working with the DRC on the purchase of an S-COM 7330 for the 444.200 repeater, so that we may have a link to the hub and a simplex remote base. Right now the 444.200 has a link to the hub, but it is turned off.

The 442.350 is still not on the air, pending a move of the antenna feedline and some creative RF filter work to accomodate some commitments made to keep it in its desired location.

The normal hub system status will be the following: 442.350, 146.835, 444.875, and the HUB normally linked together. this is preliminary, and subject to change.

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