Current system status…

the HUB repeater is down, for unknown reasons. I will be looking in to this as soon as time allows.

audio levels on 442.350 and 146.835 were adjusted to sound better on the link system.

444.200 is running, the controller needs replacement, and the freed up scom 7k will be given to ray vaughan for installation on the .76.

444.875 is still on the air in key largo… working great for a temporary/portable machine. permission was given to install a permanent machine, and one will be built and installed once i get time (again, time is always the problem!)

the trusteeship of 147.000 has been returned to the club… it is currently being worked on be persons other than my self, and thats just fine with me.

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Site owner and Repeater trustee.. my call sign is KI4GQO
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